Always thinking of how beauty changes from time to time and how each woman is different, we balance the new and old, the sexy and plain and the known with the unexpected.
  1. We believe in lingerie and intimate wear as a form of expression and not just as a source of seduction to a significant other. Our goal is to help you evoke the inner YOU, bring her into the light feeling absolutely great in your own skin. 
  2. You don't need to invest on a beautiful lingerie only when you have a special occasion. Invest in it for yourself, love looking at you and wearing something that connects to how you feel inside.

We take inspiration from female muses across the decades to late night rendez-vous in Paris. Or perhaps it comes simply from a small town girl in the country side.  Before the entire collection is approved and finalized, it is tried on and worn by various women of different body shapes and tastes. 
Come and be part of it. Enjoy what we created for you!